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Researches today are focused on cellular growth factors and microbiome.  They are meant to understand how to stimulate cellular differentiation and functions.

Dermagenetic R&D lab identify and characterize the microenvironment – microbiome, where stem cell populations reorganize their behavior in vivo. Our methods stimulate in vivo cell regeneration and promote their functions.

Micromolecules called peptides and prebiotics, also are used, which may even target single lines of cells stimulating their reproduction increasing their number and / or their metabolic activity.

Today botulinum toxin type A has become the number one cosmetic treatment approved for rhytides. This paradigm drives us into non invasive  but amazing effects of natural therapies, with or not the use of light energy devices and products.

We offer complete protocols for aesthetic medicine for all skin problems, such as acne, melasma, rhytides ect.