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Professional Care

Skin Health

The skin is one of the strongest indicators of health, as it provides us with information on our internal health through various skin conditions. Now we can make our skin look perfect. Recent studies have shown that the skin responds particularly to certain energy, factors that make it look healthy and youthful.
Dermagenetic restores skin health, which means a beautiful skin, with no wrinkles and no discolorations, in combination with a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Dermagenetic Product Characteristics

The FRAXPEEL method helps active ingredients such as vitamin A, peptides, and antioxidants infiltrate and reach the deeper layers of the skin, achieving the highest degree of effectiveness.

Benefits from the use of Dermagenetic protocols:

• Increased cellular activity in the dermis.
• Increased skin resilience and strength.
• Better skin hydration levels.
• Less fine lines.
• Less hyperpigmentation.
• Suppler and smoother skin with even color.

Dermagenetic protocols fit perfectly with your everyday life and your daily skin treatment program and they are personalized according to your specific predisposition.

Dermagenetic Proposals

A unique proposal for all skin types. With the right combination, a number of integral protocols strictly personilised offer a concrete and effective proposal for individual skin problems.

Personalised protocols

Innovative product protocols for day and night use, personalised for every one. The protocols include a useful information sheet for the patient and a daily table of instructions. Patient booklet also available.

Marketing Policy

Field promotions is carried out for all our products to pharmacies, clinic medical spas and medical sectors depending on product and marketing policy.

Professional Care products science

What is Growth Factor (G.F.)?

Growth Factors are proteins that bind to their own receptors on cell surface, with the primary result of activating cell proliferation and/or differentiation.
Not only as strong mitogens, growth factors are regulating the expressions of ECMs (Extra Cellular Matrix) like collagen, elastin, laminin etc.

Superiority of Growth Factors

- New exclusive mass production technology
- High efficacy and stability by lipo–nano - encapsulation technology
- High purity by sophisticated production facility and technical superiority

What is Biomimetic Peptides

Biomimetic peptides have been developed since 2002 based on various and broad studies on growth factors.
Peptides are synthetic agonists of naturally-occurring growth factors and are completely mimic the action of the parental molecule. Those biomimetic peptides can provide clinical benefits similar to recombinant growth factors, with greater chemical stability.

Comparative Advantage of Biomimetic Peptides

- Sustainable new biomimetic peptides development of today

Advantages of lipo-Nano-encapsulation

- High stability by double layered structure
- High homogenity: average diameter of particle is 140 nm and over 80% particles are below 100 nm size.
- Efficient Delivery of therapeutic cosmetic components into dermal layer.

About Stem cells

Stem cell is a type of blast cell, which can differentiate to various adult cells including skin and hair cell. We are focused on stem cell biostimulation creating the ideal environment for their proliferation.